Family Reunion

Family. There’s the one you are born into and the one you create. You can be a black sheep or the spoiled brat that gets whatever you want. They say blood’s thicker than water. In this family, The Hecata, blood is everything. It doesn’t matter whose child you are or whether you are the first born or the runt. What matters is that you serve and there are many ways to serve, in life and in death. We want to drain this earth dry and leave nothing but a husk in our wake.

You have been chosen to join the family’s business. Our family has a dark secret and it’s time for you to learn what that secret is. We encourage you to relish your last meal. Enrapture yourself in the entertainment we provide. Take in that one last breath before you die and are born again as Vampire. Then, only then, will you learn what family is really about.


Join us for an exclusive iMagicon evening event on Saturday night (April 30) from 8 pm to midnight. Doors open at 7 pm. This event is 18+ (please bring ID that night) and is a limited 80 seat ticketed event. Participants must have an iMagicon ticket AND a LARP ticket to participate.

The Family Reunion ticket includes a spot in the LARP event, a plated dinner of choice (so come hungry), the Family Reunion LARP game and a Burlesque Show performed by Black Veil Burlesque.

Dress Code is Business to Formal and will be enforced: no jeans, sweatshirts, etc. Black suit or cocktail dress, masques and fangs are encouraged. As are Vampire, Baroque, Victorian Steampunk, Pagan, Edwardian, Formal. Vampire includes top hate, cape, cloaks, corset and Venetian masks.

LARP Character Workshop will be tentatively held at 3:30 pm, Saturday at iMagicon. This is where you will learn your characters and prepare for the live event happening a few short hours later. Time subject to change. Please refer back to the schedule closer to the event to verify time.

Dinner choices: Chicken Veronique, Roast Sirloin of Beef, Pasta Marinara (vegetarian) or Pancetta Chicken (gluten free).

Age Restrictions: Must be 18 and older to attend. Please bring ID as you will be carded at the door. 

Tickets for this event MUST be purchased in advance and is expected to sell out. Purchase now by clicking here

Family Reunion LARP Resources

Family Reunion Player’s Guide (click to open the PDF guide)

Guide to Nordic LARP (click to open the PDF guide)