Doug Jones interview with WGO/The Zoo – April 20, 2022

Janet Kidder interview with WGO/The Zoo – April 13, 2022

Doug Jones is perhaps one of the most brilliant actors of our time. Some say he is this generation’s Boris Karloff.

Doug’s career spans numerous years in television and on film, currently Doug can be seen as Cmdr. Saru in CBS’ “Star Trek Discovery”. He can also be seen in the Oscar winning film “The Shape of Water” in which Doug teams up again to bring an original story to life by director Guillermo del Toro! He is also set to star as Count Orlok in the highly anticipated remake of “Nosferatu”.

Fans will long remember Doug for his work as The Silver Surfer in “Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer”. He’s also the life and soul of Abe Sapien in “Hellboy” and “Hellboy II The Golden Army”(based on the popular Dark Horse comic book), returning to his role of Abe Sapien as well a taking on 2 other roles, that of The Chamberlain and The Angel of Death for director Guillermo del Toro.

 In the film he wants to be remembered for, Doug portrays 2 characters in the Oscar winning film “Pan’s Labyrinth” (in the native tongue of Spanish “El Laberinto del Fauno”). He plays BOTH Pan (the faun creature) and The Pale Man. (Little trivia fact: He learned ALL his lines for the film in Spanish while comparing it to a special script prepared for him in English.)  Another fan favorite is the Halloween classic, “Hocus Pocus” and soon-to-be-released “Hocus Pocus 2”, in which Doug plays the goofy zombie, ex-boyfriend of Bette Midler, Billy Butcherson.  And his earliest comic book movie appearance was alongside Danny De Vito as a faded circus clown in “Batman Returns”. 

In addition to these very popular films, you can also find Doug as the very smart alien, Cochise, on TNT’s critically acclaimed series, Steven Spielberg produced “Falling Skies”, season 3 and 4.  Other notable TV guest roles for Doug include William Barrow on “Teen Wolf”, Grady Edlund on “Fear Itself”, Dominique Wilkins on “The Neighbors”, and the lead Gentleman on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Emmy-nominated “Hush” episode.

With a career that spans almost 30 years, Janet Kidder is fortunate enough to have been on stage across Canada and the UK and has numerous TV and film credits to her name. Hailing from the UK, Janet Kidder moved to Canada in the late 1990s, where she enrolled in the Fine Arts Program at the University of British Columbia, and the coveted Studio 58 Theatre Arts Program at Langara College. Janet then moved to Toronto, where she began to enjoy a healthy and diverse career in theatre, film, and television that now spans over three decades. Janet is thrilled with the numerous TV and film credits she has to her name which include Netflix’s recent Christmas film ‘Operation Christmas Drop’, The CW’s ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’, Paramount Plus’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’, and Facebook Watch’s ‘Limetown’, where she starred alongside Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci. Other noteworthy credits include ABC’s ‘Somewhere Between’ and ‘Rookie Blue’, Syfy’s ‘Aftermath’, The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supernatural, Fox’s ‘The X-Files’, Showcase’s ‘ Continuum’, CBC’s ‘Tom Stone’, CTV/USA Network’s ‘La Femme Nikita’, and feature films ‘The Big Heist’, and ‘Bride of Chucky’. Janet is passionate about her work, feels blessed to have made a life out of it for herself and her children and would love to continue acting for the rest of forever.

Hannah Cheesman is a CSA-nominated filmmaker, writer and actor. Named a Playback Five to Watch and a TIFF Emerging Canadian Filmmaker, Hannah’s hit digital series Whatever, Linda is currently in development for television with Bell Media alongside EP Graeme Manson (Orphan Black, Snowpiercer), and recently scooped up the top prize during Cannes’ inaugural ‘Canneseries In Development’ competition (2018). Hannah has directed and written three short films (Emmy, Cheese and Brunch Bitch) as well as co-directing her first feature film, The Definites (Whistler, Cucalorus), and has written on such shows as Workin’ Moms and Find me in Paris. Currently, Hannah wrapped as a series regular on S2 of Star Trek: Discovery while writing her second feature film Boring Girls (based on Sara Taylor’s novel of the same name) with Aiken Heart Films. She is also developing her forthcoming 30-minute cable dark comedy, Badger, co-producing alongside Patrick O’Sullivan (High Dive Media) and with her own company, The Long Reach Company.

Blackwell will be joining already announced guests Doug Jones, Janet Kidder, Hannah Cheesman, Skyler Bible and Bob Hall at this year’s convention.

Blackwell is a multilingual actress and versatile stunt performer. On Star Trek Discover, she has played the roles of Osnullus, Lt Ina, and Kelpien Council Member #2. Other credits to her name include the soon-to-be released drama EFC (September 2022), Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022), Fan Girl Fights, 12 Monkeys, and many more.

Blackwell also is a known stunt performer having performed stunts in well know shows such as Supergirl, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Expanse, Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City, Locke & Key.

Classically trained in Europe, Blackwell began her career as a performer after graduating Prague Film School’s “Acting for Film” program at the top of her class. One of ten actors globally selected for PFS’s innovative program, Avaah is equally captivating performing for stage and screen. Blackwell is the co-founder of a series of industry related events entitled “Behind the Camera” at Soho House Toronto. Avaah utilizes her international training & experience to infuse her work with unique physical, emotional, and mental discipline. Versatile in her character choices, Blackwell is known best for playing strong female leads, as well as interesting supporting characters. Blackwell’s performances are described as “magnetic, electric and enchanting” by producers and audiences across Europe ( Cannes Film Festival, The Bear Theatre Company), Asia (Pi Fan) and North America (TIFF, Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, New York City International Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, Golden Panda, Studio 35 Festival, et al.). Blackwell’s exceptional comedic performance in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival earned her recognition from CBC. Blackwell’s love for improvisation and comedy allows her amiable personality to shine both on and off camera. When not working on screen, Avaah can be found supporting her love for film by working for TIFF and Sundance Film Festival. She also spends her time training in acrobatics, martial arts, learning new languages and loves riding horses with her sister Mick in Alberta.

The younger of two children Ronnie Rowe Jr was born in Toronto, Canada on December 16. With both parents coming to Canada in the 1970’s from Jamaica, Ronnie also has origins from Cuba and Panama. He began his acting on the stage in grade school doing plays like: The Sound of Music, Oliver Twist, Grease and The Wizard of Oz. During High School he also had an interest in basketball and modeling. While acquiring success in both areas, he landed a roll in his High School Drama production as Will in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, acting was always something that made him happy and it was after this that he knew what he wanted to do. Most recently Ronnie played Frankie a lead in “Bullet for Adolf” the play written and directed by Woody Harrelson. With a strong work ethic and hunger to improve Ronnie continues his training in both the United States and Canada

Skyler Bible is a Native American actor and stunt man who’s career is just starting to take off, Skyler currently can be seen as the role of FIXER in new STAR WARS THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT on Disney Plus. FIXER or better known as Laze Loneozner, who was featured in the notorious Tosche Station deleted scene as one of the pals that teases Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars: A New Hope”. Skyler also can be seen in FOX’s “911 Lonestar” as a thrill seeking skier who gets in a situation of sorts that’s a little over his head. And yet to be released another role in Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated, “MONSTER: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” Skyler can also be seen slaying werewolves starring as an over eager SGT. Guitierrez in the MGM/Orion feature film, Directed by Jim Cummings, “The Wolf of Snow Hollow”, alongside the late Robert Forster(Jackie Brown), Riki Lindhome(Knives Out), and Chloe East(Generation). Before hunting down Werewolves, Skyler was walking in space as a supporting role in Damien Chazelle’s Oscar winning film “First Man”, with Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy, as astronaut Richard Gordon Jr.

iMagicon’s favorite comic artist Bob Hall returns! Bob has worked in the comics industry for more than forty-five years, starting at Charlton Comics in 1974, illustrating horror stories and drawing covers. That same year, Bob took a course in creating comics taught by the legendary John Buscema and at the end of the class, Buscema recommended Bob Hall to Archie Goodwin, Editor-In-Chief at Marvel, as a penciler.

Bob was immediately thrown into drawing a group book, The Champions, written by Bill Mantlo, who graciously mentored him through his first jobs.

Over the next fifteen years, Bob Hall drew most of Marvel’s Major books and characters, The Champions, Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, The Avengers, The West Coast Avengers, The Squadron Supreme, Spider-man, including Spider-Man meeting the original Saturday Night Live cast, Thor, Nick Fury, Moon Knight, one issue of The New Mutants, and What If Conan Were Trapped In the Twentieth Century, Part 2. Bob also did a slew of Movie adaptations including Willow, Dark Man, and arguably the worst superhero movie ever, the 1980s Captain America. On the other hand, check out the graphic novel, Emperor Doom, which is probably Bob’s best work for Marvel.

In 1977, Jim Shooter, the new Editor-In Chief, offered Bob Hall a job as one of a new group of sub-editors. He signed on for a six-month tenure since a stage adaptation he had co-authored, The Passion of Dracula, then running Off Broadway, was due to receive a West End production in London.

Those six months in the bullpen gave Bob the opportunity of working with some of the most talented people in the comics field, Shooter, Stern, Salicrup, Giacoia, both Buscema’s, Colan, Janson, Rubenstein, Layton, Marie Severin, Byrne, Jo Duffy, Claremont, others too many to list. He learned more about making comics than any time before or since.

Then, in the 1990s, Jim Shooter started a new company called Valiant. Having seen plays Bob had authored, he invited Bob to write and asked him to choose one of four different titles. Bob saw that Shadowman had the most potential, set in New Orleans, featuring a musician and involving voodoo, all stuff Bob could dig into. He wrote, and eventually drew the book for thirty-five issues. It was very successful, but was eventually rebooted to support a video game while Bob moved on to moved onto to create Armed and Dangerous, a crime series and probably Bob finest work in comics. It’s hard to find copies, but well worth the effort.

Then, in the late 1990s, the comics industry went to hell.

For a decade, comics companies had retooled to support a collector’s market and when that market collapsed so did the industry. Valiant went under and Marvel went bankrupt. The late Dennis O’Neill gave Bob work at DC Comics doing special project Batman stories: I, Joker; It’s Jokertime and Batman D.O.A.- but then, Denny retired, and Bob became one of many unemployed comics creators.

Fortunately, he has also had something of a career as a theater director.

In the late 90s, Bob moved back to his hometown, Lincoln Nebraska (He’d found out he was adopted, but that’s another story) so in 2001, with no comics work, and no prospects, Bob had the opportunity to found a Shakespeare Festival in Lincoln, and for the next fifteen years ran Flatwater Shakespeare.

Flatwater is still going and Bob spends time doing independent comics work and traveling the comic con circuit. You can commission a special drawing at iMagicon, and listen to his tales from the trenches during Bob’s panel sessions.

Due to the recent pandemic and possibility of Covid-19 and other communicable disease to arise and/or change, special guests reserve the right to require restrictions in their signing area. This could include having a fan (while in line or at the signing booth face-to-face with guest) to do any of the following: 1. wear a face mask, 2. not touch the special guest in any manner such as hugs, handshakes, etc; 3. post only side-by-side during a selfie or photo op (no arm around one another) 4. Any other restrictions the special guest may deem necessary to make their appearance comfortable and safe.