Are you interested in becoming part of the team? Becoming part of the volunteer staff is a great way to earn a pass into iMagicon, meet new friends and be a part of the show! Simply work a shift, and you can enjoy the con the rest of the day as our “thank you” for helping.

All you have to do is fill out the application and choose the shifts and departments that you would like to join.


  • Free entry in for volunteer:
    – morning shift/First shift – entry for remainder of day
    2ND SHIFT – entry for day or next day**
    3RD SHIFT/NIGHT SHIFT – Entry for day or next day**
    **2ND & 3RD shift volunteers are allowed to come in prior to start of shift if desired and will be allowed to enjoy the convention before volunteer shift start (Our volunteers are wonderful and have not abused this perk. Please carry a working cell phone so we can contact you before start of shift if you choose the “walk around prior to shift” option)
  • 50% discount on door admission for a “plus 1” on day of volunteer shift (redeemable only on day of volunteer shift; volunteer must be present to redeem). Volunteers with children under 14: Children under 14 are NOT allowed to wander the convention without a guardian. Please make sure if bringing children under 14, that you have another adult present to accompany your child while you are volunteering.
  • Discount on professional photo with a major guest. (available for purchase on day of volunteer shift at ticketing). Must be redeemed during celebrity scheduled photo times


  • Age Requirements: Must be 16+ for ticketing/escape rooms; Must be 18+ for security.
  • Volunteer areas will be assigned on a “need” basis. We ask for preference, but will assign on need. Example: you may indicate “security” is a first choice, but if we need people for another area, you may be moved to that location upon check in.

Thanks, we can’t wait for you to join the team.