Selena Inali Raynelif Drake

Paranormal Mystery

SELENA INALI RAYNELIF DRAKE is an American author best known for her paranormal mystery series titled The AEON Files. Drake is a martial arts enthusiast, a Wiccan with Cherokee roots, and an award-winning artist. Her love for writing started when she was eight, and she has won a number of Editor’s Choice awards and a Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence for poetry. Her works have been published in Thrice Fiction Magazine, Emerging Poets 2018 (Midwest Region), and Emerging Writers 2018 (Horror Edition). She currently resides in Minot, ND with her dog Pipsqueak, where she continues to work on more books.

William Heinzen


William was born in 1986 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He has been writing stories ever since elementary school, when he discovered the only thing cooler than reading about sorcerers was writing about them. His third-grade journal included preliminary works such as Detectives in Dinosaur Times, Sub Adventure, and METALMAN! William continued writing through high school and college before publishing his first novel, Warrior of Light. William attended college at the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, North Dakota, where he received a degree in English (for fun) and a degree in Accounting (for a job). After college, he moved to Bismarck, North Dakota, where he currently works for a software technology company by day and writes by night (or when his boss isn’t looking). While his favorite hobbies are reading and writing, in his spare time he also enjoys hunting, fishing, [losing at] chess, and a nice craft brew. Having grown up in the woods and moved to the prairie, he spends as much time out of doors as possible. He loves experiencing new places, and during his time as a company ‘road warrior’ traveled as far north as Barrow, Alaska, and as far abroad as the Republic of Palau. Though he hopes to explore several genres, William’s favorite genre is epic fantasy—because those are the stories about people who find themselves in the darkest of places, at the worst of times, but still manage to do the right thing.



As self-styled alchemists, Frank and RaeLea have made it their life’s quest to convert black coffee and dark beer into stories of modern-day fantasy. Sometimes they even manage to get the recipe right. Lacking any apparent athletic ability or obvious social skills, these farm kids instead discovered whole worlds in their vast backyards and created an army of imaginary friends and foes to occupy them. As adults, not much has changed. When they’re not writing bios about themselves in the third person, Frank and RaeLea make their humble home in North Dakota, where they work full time as domestic servants to two cats. Their garden is famous among squirrels as the trendiest diner in the neighborhood. Learn more about their adrenaline-filled lifestyle at

Orville Evjen

Brave Crow Comics

Orville Evjen was born in 1974 and grew up in western South Dakota on a farm and ranch until the age of 18, then moved to North Dakota. He loves to read comics and watch cartoons, which is why illustrating is so attractive to him. His favorite subject is history, also nonfiction, but fantasy really catches his eye as well. His Great Grandmother on his mother’s side, (which is Native American) often spoke of ghost stories which began his curiosity for fantasy and storytelling. As a result of this, Orville started Brave Crow Comics where he could make comics and books. He created a graphic novel on the Louisiana Purchase and the lives of Lewis, Clark and their Native American guide, Sakakawea. The book is titled “Lewis and Clark: Jefferson’s expedition”.  In 2007 he attended BSC at the age of 30 and learned the art of graphic design and improved his writing skills. In 2017, after six years He published another non-fiction graphic novel on the sixteenth President of the United States, the early life of Abe Lincoln, a part-one book called “Lincoln”. He also self-published a small comic series called Myth and Lore showcasing Native American myths and legends. The first issue of 3 was published in 2017. Orville is also a member of the North Dakota Writers Guild. He spends many hours in his art room, and listens to rock music, classical and everything in between. Currently he is working on the third Myth and Lore and a part two to the Lincoln story.