SPECIAL NOTICE: In the best interest for the safety and security of our fans, special guests, vendors and volunteers, please read through the following requirements and recommendations to attend the 2020 iMagicon convention.

Personal responsibilities of all attendees

By attending iMagicon, you acknowledge that you may be exposed to Covid-19 and other communicable diseases and assume the risks involved with being at the public event. As part of your personal responsibilities, iMagicon expects all patrons to help reduce the risk of transmission spread by doing the following:

Do not attend if sick or feeling ill (mandatory)

Wear a mask (recommended only at this time; but may change. Masked cosplay counts!)

Enter the building only at approved checkpoints (main south-facing doors)

Participate in temperature checks/screenings at main entrance (mandatory)

Carry personal hand sanitizer (recommended)

Practice good hygiene (wash hands with soap/water or sanitize after you eat, sneeze, etc)

RESPECT vendors and rooms requiring masks/hand sanitizing (REQUIRED). Some vendors/guests will have mask mandates to approach their booth. They have situations in their life where they cannot get sick. RESPECT their right to ask you to wear a mask. Some rooms or activities (such as table top gaming & anime viewing room) where individuals have long term close contact with one another will have a mandatory mask rule. RESPECT the room/activity policy or you will be asked to leave. These rules and policies have been created not to inconvenience you but to ensure we have a safe convention.

Consider attending a public covid-19 testing site if held in your area or schedule a test prior to the event to know your status.

Do not attend if you have had an active positive Covid-19 test result and have not been medically cleared by health professionals to return to public settings

What iMagicon is doing to help slow the spread

While everyone assumes their own personal risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other communicable diseases while attending a public event, iMagicon is taking the following steps to help reduce the risk of transmission spread:

Hand sanitizer at entries of facility

Spreading out activities throughout the building and even added an extra room to aid with social distancing (in fact, the con might look “bare” compared to year’s past and this is by design)

Soap in all bathrooms of facility

Screening/temperature checking attendees at entry

Providing masks to volunteers

Routinely cleaning hightouch areas

Mandating guests sanitize hands and/or wear masks before being able to participate in particular activities (such as draw offs, table top gaming, anime viewing room, etc)

• Reducing the number of high-risk activities. We are sorry if your favorite activity or gaming tournament was cancelled but it was deemed the best route to not go overly heavy on activities where large groups are forced together for a long period of time.

Issuing complementary 2021 tickets to people who cannot attend 2020 if they fall sick in the 14-day window prior to the convention (only valid for pre-purchased tickets that have not been scanned for any day of 2020 convention). Please email for more details on the policy.

Asking staff, volunteers, guests and vendors to consider taking a covid-19 test prior to the event.

While we know this isn’t foolproof, with everyone’s help we can throw a safe event for everyone! #ConOn


Tickets are typically nonrefundable. For our April 2020 event that was postponed due to Covid-19, customers were sent an email in March 2020 alerting them of date change and that their tickets would automatically be extended to the August 2020 date. Refund window was open to those who couldn’t attend the new date through April 26, 2020. After April 26, all tickets were moved to August 2020 and refund window is now closed. Those who still feel uncomfortable to attend August 2020 may request that their August 2020 ticket be exchanged for the April 2021 event by emailing