Welcome to the world of iMagicon, Minecraft style! Wait, world!? That’s right, join us as we develop and expand into our very own gaming world!

Join us all weekend long for our iMagicraft World Launch Party, presented by SRT, during and after hours! We will have building competitions throughout the weekend so make sure you log in for some Minecraft fun!

All players who join in the world enter the same way as we do in real life, right through the front door! Come on in and take a tour of the auditorium as you walk our halls during the day or at night!

Our main vendor room will be updated constantly to feature some of our vendors! Villager NPCs will represent our awesome attendees and yes, you will be able to shop and trade with them! Make sure you follow the rules though, because security is keeping a watchful eye out!

Fancy a bite to eat? No worries, the cafeteria will be open as well for shopping for food items!

All around the outside of the main auditorium we have statues and builds representing the wonderful guests of years past, with most recently our Power Ranger duo! Be sure you talk a walk around and check them out and see their scale!

Join the Rebel Alliance! Or the Dark Side! We embrace all sides of the Force as we shoutout to one of our esteemed guests Colin Cantwell!

There is much more to see around iMagicon and the grounds surrounding it! You’ll have to log in and see the rest! On launch the server will host three Kingdoms.

The Dark Kingdom

  • Ruled by overlord StayPuff, it is a troublesome land where the citizens are sent to work in the chasms of the world, mining the precious resources. More nefarious still are the punishments that await those who challenge the kingdom’s rule. If not in the prisons, you could be sent through the portal…to work the Nether.

Saker’s Keep

  • Ever growing city under the looming castle in the mountain, Saker Keep is ruled by AdmOrion. Inspired by medieval, fantastical, mythical and all things D&D, the city is abuzz with life and commerce. Positioned on the coast, the city welcomes both weary and excited adventurers alike. Who know what you might find within the city limits? Trading, a tavern or two? There are stories to be told about the history of the castle that sits just above the town. Perhaps, not all is as it seems in Saker’s Keep…


  • Long ago ancient civilizations prided themselves on the wonderous creations they could construct. Auibere is a shimmering city, lost to the passing of time. Life, however, has carried on. Under the protective reign of Losseth, there is but one true rule within the empire’s borders.

    There is no war in Auibere.

    Many have tried in the years past, all of which have found themselves on the receiving end of the empire’s wrath. One could almost say Auibere is the beautiful balance of life and the after. Filled with breathtaking views, perhaps you will find yourself wandering it’s ancient streets? Just remember, not all that shines in the day, is safe at night.

There you have it! A taste of iMagicraft! Join in the fun and bring our world to life! Be sure to join our official iMagicon Discord channel as well! There we bring the life and energy of iMagicon outside our doors so we can continue the fun all year long!

From all of us, we look forward to seeing you at the con and in the world of Minecraft!


  1. Show common respect and decency to all; Racial, Discrimination, Harassment, Politics to name a few will not be tolerated.
  2. Users direct messages are prohibited unless both parties consent, Utilize iMagicons channels!
  3. English is our primary language, we ask you to respect that and make your best efforts to abide by our language.
  4. We value constructive criticism but have zero tolerance for aggressive or entitled demands towards one another.
  5. iMagicon community is SFW (Safe For Work)
  6. If your username is deemed unfitting or inappropriate, we will change it.
  7. Utilize chat & channels appropriately for the related content or discussion.
  8. Self Promotion or Advertisements alike do not belong here. Upon user consent, take it elsewhere.
  9. Content, material, or utilization regarding piracy, copyright, cheats, cracks, hacks, etc, are prohibited.
  10. Any malicious, disheartening, argumentative, or ‘out-of-line’ antics will not be tolerated.
  11. Abide by Discord TOS, Community Guidelines & iMagicon CodeOfConduct.

We do not exhaust every rule for your pleasure of reading less, however, in the event of an incident not explicitly governed by a rule, ‘iMagicon Staff’ retain full authority to handle the situation as they deem necessary for the best interest of our community and iMagicon alike, this is to be respected!


We have many updates planned across the year! Here’s a list of what’s to come.

  • Updated and new statues and homage builds representing guests past & present!
  • Four new kingdoms, in far away lands. One of ancient times & sand, one of concrete & stone, one lost in stars & one of a people deep within the world daring to emerge again.
  • Live NPCs. Bringing our living world even more to life, prepare to go on adventures & earn rewards like never before
  • Building competitions. Active competitions throughout the year in specialized areas for various in-game and IRL prizes!
  • Kombat tournaments! The Gods have made the call! Featuring the three main kingdoms, the rulers have declared a tournament for the Server Champion! Arenas spreading across the kingdoms, ending in the City of the Gods. The winner will receive prizes fit for a King…


Server Name: iMagicraft!

Server Address:


On Minecraft home screen, click multiplayer, followed by add server. Fill in above information and we will see you online soon!